Is it tasty?

As I’m working my way thru a favourite gluten free cookbook, I’ve realized that I do not follow any of the recipes as they’re written. I’ve learned what flour ratios I like for baking, and that the ones in this cookbook, while good, are not what I want. In talking to my husband, I think I realized why. If you’re baking for an exclusively gluten free audience, the expectations are different than if you’re trying to feed people who are able to eat gluten and convince them that gluten free baking can taste good.

My goal in any of my cooking & baking is that it tastes just as good or better than the product made with gluten and dairy. To have someone taste it and not believe it is gluten free is the ultimate compliment.

I watched the movie Julie & Julia a couple of weeks ago and really liked how she gave herself something productive to do, while setting herself a goal. So far I haven’t figured out how to apply the same idea to my life, as I don’t really want to become one of ‘those’ bloggers who blog about anything & everything. And, life with a baby and husband isn’t always predictable, especially when Hubby’s work takes us out of town.

Some of my recipes have been tried out when we’re living at the cabin. For some of you, cabin life means a house just like home…for us, it is very similar to home, but my kitchen is a bit different than I’m used to. For cooking, I have a 3 burner rv propane stove (at least until we find a full sized one at a price we’re willing to pay), and we run off solar or generator power, so anytime I want to use the egg beaters or the toaster oven, I have to work around when it’s a sunny day and the solar panel has charged the batteries, or turn on the generator. For baking, I’ve discovered it’s much easier to just use the barbeque. It has a double walled lid plus a thermostat, so it works almost as well as my electrical oven at home. Plus it adds the fun ‘wow’ factor when I bake something and tell people I baked it in the bbq.  As I’m still working to stock the kitchen, I’m buying tools that don’t require power to operate. The next purchase needs to be a set of hand cranked egg beaters – beating egg whites for meringue with a whisk is just way too much work!


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