No corn dogs

I wanted a corn dog, but my girls can’t have corn. So, I searched Google for “no corn bread” recipes and found this one.

I of course tweaked the recipe (does anyone ever follow a recipe exactly?) and my Hubby, who doesn’t like corn dogs, likes these.

1/2c. GEMS flour

1/2c. fluff flour (I used tapioca)

1/3c coarse ground flax

2/3c coarse ground millet

1/4c sugar of choice (I used date)

3/4tsp salt

4tsp baking powder

1Tbsp psyllium husk

3 eggs

3/4-1c milk of choice

approx 18 hot dogs or cooked sausages


Mix together until dough is runny, similar to pancake batter. Pat dry cooked sausages/hot dogs, drop into the batter and spear with two tines of a fork. (dough must be runny enough or it won’t stick to the hot dogs). Drop battered hot dogs into hot oil – approx 360 for 6-10 minutes (depending on how golden you like them). Cool on wire rack and enjoy. I did have to add a bit more milk as the dry ingredients absorbed it.